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During this workshop Ekaterina will introduce to us her passion – Machine Learning.
If there is one thing you need to know about it, it is that Machine Learning is cool and helps improve our lives – both professionally and in personal terms. Thanks to this workshop you will discover that machine learning is something you have experienced already but you just do not know you have (yet!)

What you can expect from this workshop is the following:
· Where it is actually used? (e.g.: banking, medicine, Web, Business …)
· Where it can be applied?
· What are the 3 types of automated learning we need to know about?
· What is Data and what’s the relation with Machine Learning?
· Who are the data scientists of the future we often hear about? Who can we hire to work on Machine Learning projects?
· What are the tools out there for Machine Learning?

Registration: Impactory Members are free and Non-members who wants to join please email at marina@theimpactory.com
(if you have any problem in registration, please email at waqas@theimpactory.com)

About Ekaterina Stambolieva
1890657_217791105081579_775493356_oI am smart-technology-savvy enthusiast and world-wonder explorer. I love public speaking and I follow the pass-if-forward principle as a friend of mine showed me a while ago. Ah, almost forgot – and the KISS principle. In case you insist on knowing more: at the current moment I am settled in Luxembourg, where I am a Machine Translation expert. To see more about my professional and academic life, I will be happy if you visit my Linked-In profile page Ekaterina Stambolieva.

aperopitch6 (1)Logo The Belgian Brewery   logo-vector
The Impactory’s Apéro Pitch & Match-me-up event is the chance for members to present their projects in a front of a friendly audience in order to get feedback. The following networking gives you the opportunity to make new connections and move into action.


Apéro Pitch with The Belgian Brewery

Logo The Belgian Brewery
Innovative concept to offer to your employees, partners or clients with this beer making kit (in 6 easy steps) that allows you to brew beer with friends or colleagues and to have your own house brewed beer. Success guaranteed with www.thebelgianbrewery.com!

For centuries, beer has been brewed in almost every home. It is only with the advent of the modern era that knowledge was lost. Yet it requires little space and gives a much better beer than household names one. The whole concept has been designed to fit the little space available in existing flats .

And what is better than saying ” I did it myself! ”

Thus was born www.thebelgianbrewery.com!, website of the eponymous company that markets all beer brewing kits to make yours at home.

Even Barack Obama brews his own beer in the White House !
Exclusivity of this kit is the ability to brew the same beer as the Honey Ale Beer brewed by Barack Obama at the White House.

Each Kit offers 15 beers of 33cl and each refill purchased afterwards can make you produce the same amount of beer.
Currently we have 7 different types of beers: Trappist, White, Blonde, Amber, Ginger, the Honey Barack Obama or Gueuze .

When you use the same grain (malt, hops, yeast) that the best breweries in the world, you can only brew a good beer … home!


Apéro Pitch with Malinshopper


Save the date!

Join us on April 29th 2014 at 6pm for a special presentation of Malinshopper.com, a local startup which is out to transform the local advertisement industry by enabling more effective connections between local stores and customers.

Malinshopper is a web aggregator of local promotions, allowing customers to find quickly and easily the best deals nearby. No more wasted time running the shops and no more deals missed. The perfect tool for bargain hunters and savvy customers.

But the website is also a marketing tool for local stores, who can publish their special deals on the web without much effort and technical skills. Malinshopper.com is a wise tool to target the right customer, at the right time and at the right place.

Launched in January 2014, 2 000 deals have already been published on Malinshopper.com, by more than 50 Luxembourgish stores. And the venture is just getting started: the startup aims to become the major platform for local promotions in the Greater Region.

Joins us to learn more about the company and its founders.
studio Luc Deflorenne-7592

(if you have any problem in registration, please email at waqas@theimpactory.com)


TheoryU imageClient communication – a deep dive – session V Theory U in market segmentation
Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 12:15 – 14:00
With Isabel Page & Lisa Francis-Jennings

Client communication – U in market segmentation will enable you, through the process model of Theory U, to address this challenge. Market segmentations are the techniques used to attract the right customer. While, in theory, there may be ‘ideal’ market segments, every organization engaged in a market must develop different ways of imagining market segments, and create product differentiation strategies to exploit these segments, to gain, at least, a temporary commercial advantage.

Lisa Francis-Jennings, an expert in sales and marketing education, will once again be joining us and sharing invaluable analytic tools to

• reduce risk in making the decision where, when, how, and to whom a product, service, or brand will be marketed;
• increase marketing efficiency by directing effort specifically toward the designated segment effectively and consistent with that segment’s characteristics; and
• find common dimensions that will allow you to view individuals as larger, profitable segments.

We will, of course, develop a personal action plan.

If you have any queries about the session, do contact me at ipage@pt.lu.

About Isabel

I Page photo

As a former associate lecturer on human resource management for the Open University Business School UK’s MBA and MSc program, it has been Isabel’s privilege to exchange with many mature students engaged in highly challenging leadership roles for global organisations. This experience, together with her role in executive coaching and organisational development for diverse public and private global organisations such as Fidelity Investments, Spacelabs, Xing, the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank, the EU Court of Justice and Henri Tudor, has convinced Isabel of the need for deep change in the practice of leadership and management. Introduced to Otto Scharmer’s work at MIT through the director of Centro Ecológico, Akumal during a voluntary consulting partnership in Mexico, Isabel has been engaged since 2010 in virtual learning with Otto through the Presencing Institute and personally in Paris and Boston. She teaches this work to students and professionals in the context of the Social Enterprise Course, part of the Certificate of Sustainability delivered by the University of Luxembourg.

About Lisa Francis-Jennings

Lisa Francis

Lisa Francis-Jennings holds an MSc in Psychology (HEC and Oxford) and a post-grad certificate in Advanced Management of Strategic Change from the Rotman School of Management. Working for over two decades with a diverse client base in Europe, North America and Asia, Lisa blends a strong academic understanding of Organizational Change theory with on-the-ground experience of key elements and success factors required to manage the human factor in start-ups and during business expansion.
Lisa has a deep understanding of the challenges and issues businesses face today, and blends her skill in adult education and coaching with organizational change theory to identify and address process and skill gaps found in evolving organizations.

Please note that this event is available for Impactory members only.
If you are not a member and interested to attend, please contact us directly: marina@theimpactory.com

(if you have any problem in registration, please email at waqas@theimpactory.com)


 Intellectual Property (IP) Workshop

This workshop aims at giving basic information on intellectual property rights (patent, trademark, design, copyright) in order to ease the use of such protection for your innovations. This session will also address the fiscal framework of intellectual property rights exploitation in Luxemburg.

Dr. Frédéric Melchior
Dr. Frédéric Melchior
Luxinnovation, Luxembourg, Project Manager, SME Support &Valorisation of Research Results
Frédéric Melchior worked in Luxinnovation since 2008. Before that he was Tech Transfer Officer at University Henri Poincaré, Nancy I (University Of Lorraine). Frédéric has also held the position of Scientific Director at both Air Diagnostic Technologies and Microbiotech, two start-ups he has created.


12:15 -13:30


Bring one ingredient or a small dish to share with everyone and have good talks with great people! The salad lunch is an informal way to get together and get to know each other better. It’s also a fun metaphor of collaboration: each ingredient brought by each person tastes better when mixed up together.

Amenez un ingrédient ou un petit plat à partager avec tous et menez de bonnes conversations avec des gens exceptionnels! Ce déjeuner est une manière informelle de se rassembler et d’apprendre à se connaître. C’est également une métaphore de la collaboration: chaque ingrédient amené et ajouté à la salade a meilleur goût lorsqu’il est mélangé aux autres.



Vincent Hieff, Chambre de Commerce and Luxembourg Business Angel Network


Espace Entreprises is dedicated to all those who are seeking support in their administrative procedures when creating and developing a business.

They also provide consulting in diverse areas like public financial support, legal rights of establishment, labor law, social insurance law, competition law, corporate law, direct and indirect tax. You can schedule an individual meeting or drop by without appointment.

Take this great opportunity to get guidance and help from an expert to create your dream. Vincent is an entrepreneur at heart and he is a wealth of information you can rely on.


L’Espace Entreprises est un guichet unique à l’attention de tous ceux qui cherchent de l’aide dans les procédures administratives auxquelles ils se voient confrontés dans le cadre de la création et du développement d’une entreprise.

L’Espace Entreprises offre également des services de conseil gratuits en matière de droit d’établissement, d’aides et de financements publics, droit du travail individuel, droit des assurances sociales, droit de la concurrence, droit des sociétés et du commerce, ainsi que de fiscalité directe et indirecte. Vous pouvez venir sur place.

(if you have any problem in registration, please email at waqas@theimpactory.com)

09:30 -17:00

reinv 713j26zym2S._SX320_SY240_CR0,0,0,0_.png

Pour quel job êtes-vous vraiment fait?

Besoin de vous donner de nouvelles perspectives professionnelles? Business Model You est là pour vous aider !

Deux jours essentiels pour vous, pour réinventer votre carrière ! 

Que vous vous posiez des questions telles que : “Pour quel job suis-je fait ?” ou “Mon job est-il fait pour moi ?”  ou encore “Suis-je fait pour cette carrière ?” ou que vous soyez à la recherche d’un emploi, cet atelier vous apportera un éclairage nouveau et des réponses pour faire progresser votre carrière.

Devenir soi-même responsable de son «employabilité» et de son avenir est possible. S’adapter est une nécessité, tout comme créer son identité professionnelle et être capable de montrer la valeur qu’on apporte. Grâce à la méthodologie «Business Model You» vous appliquerez à votre carrière une approche business model.

La méthode est simple, visuelle et innovante. Elle s’appuie sur le désormais célèbre “Business Model Canvas”.

Cela se déroule en 4 grandes étapes : Modélisation + Réflexion + Réinvention + Action. Les journées seront partagées en moments très interactifs en petits groupes, des moments plus théoriques (assez courts) et des exercices de coaching.

Quels bénéfices retirerez-vous de ces journées : Des objectifs clairs, de nouvelles perspectives professionnelles, le feedback des autres participants, la possibilité de vous tester en direct, la mise en avant de votre valeur, une meilleure connaissance de soi, la possibilité d’aligner vos valeurs personnelles et professionnelles, une motivation retrouvée, un outil réutilisable à souhait, et bien plus encore.

Animateur: Frédéric Theismann, coach et formateur, a 25 ans d’expérience professionnelle au sein d’entreprises internationales. Il intervient dans des milieux divers pour promouvoir le changement avec un regard humaniste et responsable. Il vous guidera avec enthousiasme pendant ces deux importantes journées.

Tarifs: atelier 2 jours 320€ TTC (Lunch compris et un Business You Model grand format), atelier 2 jours pour les membres de l’Impactory 190€ TTC. Prix remisé pour personnes sans emploi (sur demande). Inscrivez-vous à cette adresse : Click here

Contact: ft@samaa.eu

19:00 -19:00



Rails Girls – Get started with tech


Rails Girls is coming to Luxembourg at The Impactory the 16th and 17h of May 2014!

Rails Girls aims to give tools for girls and women to build their ideas.

Our aim is to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. We do this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable.

Learn sketching, prototyping, basic programming and get introduced to the world of technology. Rails Girls was born in Finland, but is nowadays a global, non-profit volunteer community.

Rails Girls Luxembourg is a free workshop for girls and women who want to learn web development with Ruby on Rails in a friendly atmosphere thanks to fantastic coaches!

Interested to be a participant or a coach? Everything you want to know is now on our website:  http://railsgirls.com/luxembourg

Applications are open until 2nd May ! Apply now at: http://bit.ly/PnhxkA

You are welcome to join!

for more details contact railsgirls@theimpactory.com


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