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27 February, 2013 in news

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Andrew Sobel has a deep experience in senior consulting and other relationship building activities. Inthis article he describes some of the key steps to lead by asking instead of talking and talking and talking to try to show off your knowledge. This is unfortunately a common thing we see too often. Admit that you have nearly fallen asleep at several occasions when bosses, peers, dinner party guests have been talking till the end of days about their brilliance and exciting plans.

I am still on the learning curve when it comes to asking. Still I can resort into endless talking. Reading Sobel’s article made me laugh since I recognised situations and the positive effects from asking and listening instead of talking. Asking a real question that matters can make you so much more interesting and get you so much farther. The word “why” is a key ingredient. Asking why someone has made a certain decision not only brings great understanding for the other person and the decision made. It also makes the other person engaged and at ease at the same time. There is another important word – “how”. How did that make you feel? How do you to that? How does a normal day look for you? All are simple questions, but again they bring out the important things and engages the person you are talking with.

So it’s a new week – let it be a week of asking questions. Let it be the start of many meaningful conversations.

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