Meet our members

Will-tm-pic Will Mernagh has been living and working in Luxembourg for almost two years. He writes code for Iora Health based in Boston. When he moved to Luxembourg, he began working remotely. “I would definitely recommend it,” Mernagh says of The Impactory.“They have a clear distinction between quiet space and social space…it has everything you need.” Because he works east coast hours, he only comes a few times a month but said he makes a point to come for the social interactions. Learn more about Iora Health at


Roberto-tm-pic Roberto Vitón is one of the most frequent coworkers at The Impactory. He coworks about three weeks a month. Vitón set up his own consultancy business last year. He uses his significant background in agriculture to advise fund managers in food and agriculture investment. He has been a member of The Impactory since January after a friend recommended visiting. Vitón says he likes how affordable the coworking space is and said of the Impactory, “Sometimes the good value is in the simple stuff.The whole combination is effective.” Lean more about his business at


Patricio-tm-pic Patricio Rubinstein found out about The Impactory from fellow member Roberto Vitón. He has been using The Impactory since September 2013 and has his own business as a consultant. “I really use this as my working space. As I was growing, I didn’t want to get into office commitments, furniture, IT assistance. . . . I want to start small here and also I enjoy the people that come every day.” He prefers to sit upstairs where there is a greater flow of people. He really likes the social side of being at The Impactory and the opportunity it provides to share ideas.


Cristian-tm-pic Cristina Picco was looking for a coworking space in Luxembuorg after visiting The Hub in Berlin. Through word of mouth she heard about the Impactory. She has been a member for almost a year, coming three times a week. She likes coworking because it is an easy way to meet people and network. “Being in a network helps a lot . . . it’s a good way to hear about new opportunities and coming out [of the] house to meet people.” Picco is a co-founder of Mamie et Moi, a non-profit that sells baby clothes made by elderly knitters. Learn more about Mamie et Moi at



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