Facilitating Human Sustainability with Isabel Page

4 June, 2014 in members, news, The Impactory

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Pressures from a turbulent economy, an increasingly competitive work environment and aggressive business practices are creating a workforce that is suffering from chronic stress. According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 burnout and depression will, together, become the number one global disease burden. Fortunately, entrepreneurs like Isabel Page recognize the need for healthier business practices. She believes that the development of leaders and individuals to be positive forces for change can improve their work environments for the better.
“I am passionate in the belief that tohave a sustainable planetwe need to be sustainable as people.” Page says, describing her outlook.

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Page has been working as an Organizational Transformation Partner (OTP) in Luxembourg since 1997. Her work as an OTP has been in both the public and private sector where she honed her expertise in leadership development, training and executive coaching. She also worked for an international political institution, as a part of the Secretary-General’s team, restructuring and developing HR practices and processes. Since 2012 Page has been working as an independent consultant in organizational change. She also develops and accompanies business leaders and managers in the creation of work environments that are sustainable for both the business and their employees.

Page facilities sustainability by teaching groups and individuals communication practices such as listening, observing and using all the human senses. These practices are key to creating a better working environment, but they are also vital for helping individuals achieve goals unrelated to work. These practices benefit relationships and help to build self-confidence outside of the workplace.

Page was inspired to develop this method in 2010 after working with the Centro Ecológico, in Akumal, Mexico, on their sea turtle project. This experience connected her with Dr C. Otto Scharmer, Chair of the Presencing Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US. Through her collaboration with Dr Scharmer, she began developing workshops for leaders, coaches, managers and professionals.

She has brought that expertise to Luxembourg as a visiting lecturer at the University of Luxembourg for the Certificate in Sustainability, and as an independent consultant.  Since January, she has also hosted taster workshops on client communication at The Impactory, teaching these strategies to individuals. The workshops are not just for executives. As Page explains, the workshops are beneficial for people in all stages of their career and lives.

“We are all leaders in life, even if only of ourselves…The benefit [of the workshops] for young people and those in mid-career change is simply that they have great tools to analyze what is their purpose in life and how to get to where they would like to go and be the person they would like to be.”

Recently Page was handpicked by MIT to attend a master class on development, available to only 60 people globally. She will attend the class in November, where she will be working on high-level global projects with a focus on setting up a research programme at the University of Luxembourg.

The Impactory is pleased to have the support of Page. She calls The Impactory “a breath of fresh air” for Luxembourg, and she is enthusiastic when describing the opportunities it provides for entrepreneurs. For more information or to contact Isabel visit her LinkedIn Page here.

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