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The power of coworking, testimonials from of our members

19 June, 2014 in news, The Impactory

Our in-house journalist Katie Nail is following some of the exciting happenings at The Impactory. Read more, below.

Many things make The Impactory a great place for entrepreneurship, business, and enterprise. Our members, the decor, coffee, and the spirit of the place all contribute to its innovative community. One of the many ways our members “plug in” to the Impactory community is through coworking.

Coworking is sharing a workspace with other people involved in independent work activities. The people sharing the space are not working for the same company but are sharing a space for collaboration, socialization, and their independent work. While every person is working on his or her own business, the effects of working with like-minded individuals is often significant.

To better demonstrate the power of coworking, we’ve interviewed several of our current coworkers and asked them why they like working at The Impactory.


Will Mernagh has been living and working in Luxembourg for almost two years. He writes code for Iora Health based in Boston. When he moved to Luxembourg, he began working remotely. “I would definitely recommend it,” Mernagh says of The Impactory.  “They have a clear distinction between quiet space and social space…it has everything you need.” Because he works east coast hours, he only comes a few times a month but said he makes a point to come for the social interactions.


Roberto Vitón is one of the most frequent coworkers at The Impactory. He coworks about three weeks a month. Vitón set up his own consultancy business last year. He uses his significant background in agriculture to advise fund managers in food and agriculture investment. He has been a member of The Impactory since January after a friend recommended visiting. Vitón says he likes how affordable the coworking space is and said of the Impactory, “Sometimes the good value is in the simple stuff. . . .The whole combination is effective.”  Lean more about his business at


Patricio Rubinstein found out about The Impactory from fellow member Roberto Vitón. He has been using The Impactory since September 2013 and has his own business as a consultant. “I really use this as my working space. As I was growing, I didn’t want to get into office commitments, furniture, IT assistance. . . . I want to start small here and also I enjoy the people that come every day.” He prefers to sit upstairs where there is a greater flow of people. He really likes the social side of being at The Impactory and the opportunity it provides to share ideas.

Cristina Pico

Cristina Picco was looking for a coworking space in Luxembuorg after visiting The Hub in Berlin. Through word of mouth she heard about the Impactory. She has been a member for almost a year, coming three times a week. She likes coworking because it is an easy way to meet people and network. “Being in a network helps a lot . . . it’s a good way to hear about new opportunities and coming out [of the] house to meet people.” Picco is a co-founder of Mamie et Moi, a non-profit that sells baby clothes made by elderly knitters. Learn more about Mamie et Moi at

Select Client Communication session 2 June 18th is reschedule to July 9th

18 June, 2014 in news

TheoryU image

Kindly note Client communication – a deep dive – session VI Making the sale with Theory U session 2 on June 18th is rescheduled on July 9th. Sorry for any inconvenince.

Team The Impactory

One year already … save the date for our Summer BBQ: July 10th

10 June, 2014 in news, The Impactory


One year already… save the date for our Summer BBQ @The Impactory on July 10th


Check the event page to register for the party ! 






Logo The Belgian Brewery

Mathieu Pinet will offer a degustation of his own made Belgian Beers :)  

Connect People and Ideas – The Impactory at PaperJam Startup 10×6

9 June, 2014 in news

Per Fredrik Hagermark “Connect people and ideas”
Per-Fredrik represented Impactory at the PaperJam Business Club – Startup 10×6. The Impactory, friendly projects start-up since September 2012, with Per Fredrik Hagermark space. A testimony from the evening 10×6 Start-up 2 held May 28 institutions Namur.

Try 1 day of coworking for free!

5 June, 2014 in news, The Impactory

The Impactory is pleased to offer 1 day of free coworking trial. Do not hesitate to come and enjoy the place!

Please scan this QR Code (or click on it if you cannot scan it), print it and send an email to to book your day at least 48h in advance. Do not forget to leave us your contact details.

(Offer available 1 time per person until September 30, 2014)


Facilitating Human Sustainability with Isabel Page

4 June, 2014 in members, news, The Impactory

Our in-house journalist Katie Nail is following some of the exciting happenings at The Impactory.

Pressures from a turbulent economy, an increasingly competitive work environment and aggressive business practices are creating a workforce that is suffering from chronic stress. According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 burnout and depression will, together, become the number one global disease burden. Fortunately, entrepreneurs like Isabel Page recognize the need for healthier business practices. She believes that the development of leaders and individuals to be positive forces for change can improve their work environments for the better.
“I am passionate in the belief that tohave a sustainable planetwe need to be sustainable as people.” Page says, describing her outlook.

I Page photo
Page has been working as an Organizational Transformation Partner (OTP) in Luxembourg since 1997. Her work as an OTP has been in both the public and private sector where she honed her expertise in leadership development, training and executive coaching. She also worked for an international political institution, as a part of the Secretary-General’s team, restructuring and developing HR practices and processes. Since 2012 Page has been working as an independent consultant in organizational change. She also develops and accompanies business leaders and managers in the creation of work environments that are sustainable for both the business and their employees.

Page facilities sustainability by teaching groups and individuals communication practices such as listening, observing and using all the human senses. These practices are key to creating a better working environment, but they are also vital for helping individuals achieve goals unrelated to work. These practices benefit relationships and help to build self-confidence outside of the workplace.

Page was inspired to develop this method in 2010 after working with the Centro Ecológico, in Akumal, Mexico, on their sea turtle project. This experience connected her with Dr C. Otto Scharmer, Chair of the Presencing Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US. Through her collaboration with Dr Scharmer, she began developing workshops for leaders, coaches, managers and professionals.

She has brought that expertise to Luxembourg as a visiting lecturer at the University of Luxembourg for the Certificate in Sustainability, and as an independent consultant.  Since January, she has also hosted taster workshops on client communication at The Impactory, teaching these strategies to individuals. The workshops are not just for executives. As Page explains, the workshops are beneficial for people in all stages of their career and lives.

“We are all leaders in life, even if only of ourselves…The benefit [of the workshops] for young people and those in mid-career change is simply that they have great tools to analyze what is their purpose in life and how to get to where they would like to go and be the person they would like to be.”

Recently Page was handpicked by MIT to attend a master class on development, available to only 60 people globally. She will attend the class in November, where she will be working on high-level global projects with a focus on setting up a research programme at the University of Luxembourg.

The Impactory is pleased to have the support of Page. She calls The Impactory “a breath of fresh air” for Luxembourg, and she is enthusiastic when describing the opportunities it provides for entrepreneurs. For more information or to contact Isabel visit her LinkedIn Page here.

Client Communication session June 5th is reschedule to June 12th & 14th

4 June, 2014 in news

TheoryU image

Kindly note Client communication – a deep dive – session VI Making the sale with Theory U session on June 5th is rescheduled on June 12th & June 18th. Kindly find details here: 

Due to the nature of the training format, a minimum registration of 10 people is required for these sessions. Because the two modules will be highly integrated, only participants who have attended the first session (June 12th) will be accepted into the second session (June 18th). Sorry for any inconvenince.

Team The Impactory

Impactory & Sportunity at PaperJam Business Club 10×6 Startup

2 June, 2014 in news

PaperJam Business Club host a evening event on May 28th invited 10 startups to share with experiences about their projects and Luxembourg’s startup environment. Per-Fredrik represented Impactory, a network of creativity, workspace and place to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs to work together and build projects.

Irina Aleksandrova, a Impactory member presented her project “Sportunity‘ a platform promoting sports talent in developing countries, who do not have access to necessary funds and infrastructure. She is also one of the three finalists of Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg, organized by Young Economic Chamber.

1st Rails Girls Luxembourg was successful!

21 May, 2014 in news, The Impactory

1st Rails Girls Luxembourg was successful!

A fun and friendly event above all!


The 1st Rails Girls edition took place last week on Friday evening and Saturday in Luxembourg at the Impactory, a co-working place and business incubator at the heart of the city. Rails Girls was born in Finland in 2012, and already took place in more than 100 cities worldwide. The aim is to allow women to learn how to create websites and web applications.

The event gathered about 40 women (from 15 to 59), and 14 volunteer coaches (5 women & 9 men), passionate programmers, who were there to share their knowledge in programming.

The workshop was organised by Marina THIRIET from The Impactory and Claudine Kariger from Service des médias & communications, sponsor of the workshop.

During the weekend, the coaches made an analogy between cooking and programming, which allowed the attendees to better understand the ‘recipe’ to create an app.


Creating an app only in few hours!

Far from being a formal training, a variety of activities were offered to the participants with presentations and practical activities. The participants were able to try programming with simple exercises and then later create a web app at their own pace.

The workshop was available in Luxembourgish, English and French. The attendees, beginners and advanced programmers, were introduced to Ruby, an open source computer language created in 2004 which has become very popular supported by a  large community.


The attendees were also there to meet new people and see the event as a networking opportunity: ‘I’ve got a great app idea, but I don’t know how to create it’ or ‘I’m working within an IT team, I’m the only girl and I would like to communicate better with my colleagues”


‘I am very impressed with the active role that the Luxembourgish Government is taking towards encouraging the female population to broaden their technical horizons. So much lasting goodwill and cohesion came to life during such a short frame of time.

Learning programming has always been on my list of things I would like to learn and it couldn’t have happened at a better time or better place.

If you care to read a brief blog post about the Rails Girls Workshop, I invite you to consult the latest posting on my blog :
’ – said Yvonne.


Happy attendees and new events are likely to happen

Some women already planned to meet each other again, in order to continue working on projects and learn further. Several coaches, who met each other during the event,  got along very well and are now planning to offer new activities to raise awareness of IT for the public: they will of course be welcomed at The Impactory!

We received 80 applications, had to choose the 40 women and selected the most highly motivated.

BnxVpZbIIAA74OR.jpg-large  1st Rails Girls1st RailsGirls  Bn1n0v2IAAARIw-.jpg-large



Impactory at EIB Social Platform Fourth Meeting

15 May, 2014 in news

The Impactory @ EIB Fourth meeting of the Social Platform

(c) EIB


Hedda Pahlson-Moller, presented The Impactory on fourth meeting of the Social Platform on Thursday 15 May, 2014.
Ms Pahlson-Moller described The Impactory as a “laboratory for innovation and a factory for impact.” In practical terms.

The meeting was chaired by Robert Wagener, chairperson of the Social Platform, and Luisa Ferreira, Head of the Social Programme at the EIB institute.

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