We’re a community and co-working place people come to build their business and work on a project that matters. You find us in the centre of Luxembourg-Ville. We love positive impact!

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The Impactory is a co-working space created to empower and connect change makers. Here we incubate, amplify and multiply innovative ideas for positive impact.

We are a flexible space where the components of business incubation, meaningful content and collaboration are united to build businesses. We create learning and connect talented people throughout sectors to stimulate both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. This is a place where social innovation take place!

The Impactory is a co-working space where you can come to work, meet people and learn exciting stuff! We are a supportive community that helps you develop your entrepreneurial aspirations through creative collaboration.

Fun. Friendly. Inspiring. Collaborative. Productive.

That’s what we aspire to be!

If you believe that the 40 hour desk job is dead, then join us!