Workshop #2 : How do machines learn? – with Girls in Tech

19 June, 2014 in Workshop

Date(s) - 19/06/2014
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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If you have a problem and you wonder whether you can use Machine Learning to solve it, please share it with us. We will try to discuss it openly and give you an advice on how you can start tackling it. We will give you a suggestion that can kick off your work and this way we can all enjoy a productive and intelligent environment.

After the introduction that Ekaterina gave us in April, we continue learning about Machine Learning. This talk will summarize what machine learning is, where it is used, and who are the people that you can hire to do the job for you. In addition to this, Ekaterina and Fräntz will explain to you what are the most common types of machine learning, with the help of visuals and practical examples. We will devote time to discuss YOUR practical examples.

What you can expect from this workshop is the following:

  • Where is it actually used? (short summary from the previous talsk)
  • Who are the data scientists of the future we often hear about? Who can we hire to work on Machine Learning projects?
  • What are the 3 types of automated learning we need to know about?
  • Custom examples

Untitled design (3)This presentation will be given by Ekaterina Stamboliev and Fräntz Miccoli

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About Ekaterina Stambolieva
1890657_217791105081579_775493356_oI am smart-technology-savvy enthusiast and world-wonder explorer. I love public speaking and I follow the pass-if-forward principle as a friend of mine showed me a while ago. Ah, almost forgot – and the KISS principle. In case you insist on knowing more: at the current moment I am settled in Luxembourg, where I am a Machine Translation expert. To see more about my professional and academic life, I will be happy if you visit my Linked-In profile page Ekaterina Stambolieva.
- – - – -
About Fräntz Miccoli

I’m interested in the challenging ventures that life can offer. At the moment I’m more linked with information technologies and my interest goes from knowledge discovery from data to new technical solution for the future of computers, applications and networks.

To give a few of my keywords: software engineering, data mining and analysis, entrepreneurship

My Linked-In profile page Fräntz Miccoli
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