Scrum principles for the continuous improvement of the Impactory

29 May, 2013 in Peer-to-Peer, Workshop

Date(s) - 29/05/2013
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Impactory


This workshop is about how agility can transform an organization. Many organizations are striving to become more agile.
Successful agile teams are producing higher-quality outcomes that better meets the business needs more quickly and at a lower cost than are traditional teams.

We will attempt to tailor the scrum-process to more precisely fit the unique circumstances of the Impactory, teams and members.


1. Basics of Scrum
2. Retrospectives
3. Improvements of the scrum process at the impactory.

Co-animators: Bart Van Mulders & Dimitris Papadimitriou

About Scrum:

  • is a simple agile framework for developing complex products in complex environments;
  • is not a process or a technique: with scrum one can use different processes and techniques;
  • uses the iterative and incremental approach, enhance pre-visibility and reduce risks;
  • helps to deliver value frequently, in a shorter time to the customer;
  • makes the problems of development practices transparent, so they can be improved;
  • use frequent inspection and adaptation to continuously improve the product and the development process;
  • is value-driven, not plan-driven;
  • uses self-organized teams which define the best way to produce the hisest priority functionalities;
  • is focused on the prioritization of the work based on the highest value for the customer.
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