Client communication, a deep dive, with Isabel Page

7 January, 2014 in Community Event

Date(s) - 07/01/2014
12:15 pm - 2:00 pm

The Impactory


Client communication – a deep dive

According to the business magazine Forbes, only two out of ten entrepreneurs will succeed in their endeavours. According to Peter Drucker, one of the top ten reasons that entrepreneurs fail is lack of knowledge about and relationship with potential clients or customers. To raise your chances of being one of those two successful entrepreneurs, it is no longer enough to survey potential clients, nor to conduct focus groups. You need to identify potential clients, confirm that they really are target clients, and engage them in conversation at a very deep level so that you may understand and empathize with

their issues,

their pain, even if it is unrelated to what your product is offering,

their dreams,

their desires,

and their needs, even if they are unaware of those themselves.

But how do you hold the right conversation at the appropriate level of depth to attract, engage, and crucially, retain clients? How can you understand the part you play in getting in your own way of truly paying attention to your potential or current client?
Isabel Page invites you to experience yourself in the process of client communication using methodology and tools from Theory U: shifting the inner place from which leadership of ourselves and others happens. Developed by Dr C. Otto Scharmer, Chair of the Presencing Institute, and his team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston (MIT), this ground-breaking practical method helps you to recognise your communication blind spots and place your client at the heart of your conversations.

About Isabel
As a former associate lecturer on human resource management for the Open University Business School UK’s MBA and MSc program, it has been Isabel’s privilege to exchange with many mature students engaged in highly challenging leadership roles for global organisations. This experience, together with her role in executive coaching and organisational development for diverse public and private global organisations such as Fidelity Investments, Spacelabs, Xing, the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank, the EU Court of Justice and Henri Tudor, has convinced Isabel of the need for deep change in the practice of leadership and management. Introduced to Otto Scharmer’s work at MIT through the director of Centro Ecológico, Akumal during a voluntary consulting partnership in Mexico, Isabel has been engaged since 2010 in virtual learning with Otto through the Presencing Institute and personally in Paris and Boston. She teaches this work to students and professionals in the context of the Social Enterprise Course, part of the Certificate of Sustainability delivered by the University of Luxembourg.

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