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EU Code Week was a success: 100 people participated in activities

24 December, 2013 in news

One story we started telling in the last newsletter was about the various projects targeting digital skills. We sat down and tried to understand the reason for the strong impact in this field. We’re sharing that discussion here and would love to hear why you think digital skills are in such demand and more importantly how it can shape our future. 

Our starting point is that coding is the language between humans and computers. We certainly could benefit from learning this language more in-depth. We spend an increasing amount of time on computers, mobiles and tablets and we consume the web – social networks, games, application, e-commerce, enterprise applications etc. – but do we know how it all really works?

TheImpactory1-642x336The ones of us who have kids see the huge impact screens have in our kids’ lives. Kids and teenagers are so called “digital natives”. It turns out that our children are really good at using the internet but mostly as passive users. As a result, they miss out the chance to gain skills they could capitalise on for life. They risk losing real life social skills. The idea is not to turn every kid into an IT specialist but give them the chance to learn how to use the technology in a smart way. Don’t we all want them to be confident, creative, value adding and responsible digital natives?

For adults alike the digital economy has a lot to offer. If you want to improve your chances to be part of it, digital skills can make a real difference on the job market or when deciding to launch your own business. Unfortunately it’s now established that women tend not to be present in the digital economy and therefore do not grab the numerous, creative, opportunities offered to them.

Code Club in actionAs you read in the last newsletter, the various projects we have run at the Impactory led to an invitation from Nellie Kroes Young Advisors to Marina to become the Luxembourg Ambassador of the EU Code Week (initiative launched by European Commission to give everyone the chance to learn what coding is about). The Impactory was delighted to be part of the action, providing space and support so these initiatives, for the benefit of community, with 100 participants involved!

The initiatives around coding were started from scratch with no resources other than high motivation from a group of people who were able to get help from other passionate people. More than ten volunteers contributed to the initiatives and events. They helped with teaching, coordinating, working on the communication side or serving food and drinks. A huge shout out to you all! You know who you are.

Marina, our Community & Projects Manager, and the EU Code Week ambassador says “It’s really rewarding to see that so many people got involved and were so happy about it. Luxembourg did very well for this first EU Code Week and I hope we can reach more people the next time. Key now is to find support”. In early December Marina was also invited to a conference on e-skills in Bruxelles. “It’s clear that everybody thinks this topic is getting critical”, she concludes.

The most frequently asked question we have heard since the EU Code Week has been “Will you organise it again?”. To keep the various projects we have started going we need volunteers, support and sponsors. During the last couple of months, links have been established with relevant government and industry representatives. The next step is to solidify these relationships and turn them into action. We’re delighted that Xavier Bettel is not only the Prime minister but also the Minister in charge of ICT. We hope to see a willingness from the new government to participate in our activities next year.

Women want to Code! Don’t you?

29 November, 2013 in hosted events

On November 30th, Luxembourg will host its second coding class for women.
 Organized within the context of EU Code Week, it will offer women the opportunity to learn about web development such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. This initiative aims to remove the myths around coding and encourage women to be more than consumers of IT.


A successful start, women coding hard

This month 12 women from different backgrounds attended the first series of lessons over four evenings at the Impactory, a coworking place for entrepreneurs and changemakers at the heart of Luxembourg City. The teachers introduced them to HTML and CSS, which are the basics of any website.

The next session will be a workshop on web development organized as part of EU CodeWeek on November 30th. The workshop is taught and organized by volunteers. Participants will have the chance to learn the basics of programming with PHP and how to make a small web app that will enable data storage and retrieval.

Geeks rule the world but where are the women?

Coding is the new universal language today. Contrary to common belief, it does not take a computer science degree to program a website. Coding is also fun. Today, the ICT sector is creating job opportunities like no other industry and there will soon be a shortage of skilled workers. Women are also needed in the game!

According to the EU only 30% of the 7 million people working in the information and communication (ICT) sector are women. “My motto, my dream, my bumper sticker is to get every European digital and my ambition is to get more women into ICT,” says Neelie Kroes, Vice President of The European Commission.

EU Code Week Initiative in Luxembourg

The European Commission and local volunteer initiatives are coming together to organize events encouraging more people to take part in ICT and engage in coding. From November 25 to 30 this year, Europe Code Week and smaller­scale projects will promote coding thanks to numerous local events.

In Luxembourg, Marina Thiriet, Community & Project Manager at The Impactory and organiser of the first coding classes for women, was asked by Neelie Kroes’ young advisors to be Ambassador for the Grand Duchy.

Coding? Yes, we can!

The event is organized by volunteers eager to improve the place of women in technology and encourage them to take part in ICT and engage in coding.
”I often met women that either wanted to start a business or were managing developers but were lacking technical expertise,” explains Marina Thiriet. “Our initiative will grow to include networking events for women in the ICT sector if we find enough support and sponsors. The whole point is to help women feel more confident with ICT.”

Any questions regarding this initiative, please contact Marina

Europe Code Week 25-30 November: Workshop for Women & Coding Goûter already planned at The Impactory

15 November, 2013 in hosted events, The Impactory

The Impactory is proud to be the first sponsor of Europe Code Week in Luxembourg.

This week aims to get more people to learn what is coding about will take place from November 25 to November 30.


Marina THIRIET, our Community & Project Manager and organiser of the first coding classes for Women was contacted by Nelly Kroes’ Young Advisors to become an Ambassador for the Europe Code Week in Luxembourg. Of course she has accepted the challenge and is helping to spread the word! Therefore if you have any ideas, please talk to Marina

As part of our members projects, we will host the following initiatives:

Coding is Creative! Introduction to Web Development for Women – on Saturday November 30th.
Please see complete information and register here.

Patrick Welfringer and the Code Club crew are also planning a Coding goûter so you can learn to program with your kids on Sunday December 1st afternoon. See all details on the Code Club blog

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